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Working with the City of Raleigh to get your ABC license.

Last updated Sep. 13, 2019 - 9:35 am

In order to obtain an ABC license for a business, you must meet all requirements from the NC ABC Commission. If your business is in the City of Raleign, one of those requirements is proof of compliance with all applicable building and fire codes from the City.

Please follow the steps below in order to successfully process your ABC license application. 

Step One: Submit your ABC application to the state

Visit the NC ABC Commission website and use the ABC permit wizard to get a list of what's required for your license.

While most of what's required will need to be submitted to the state, the City of Raleigh needs you to complete the Inspection Zoning Compliance form and submit it to the Development Services Customer Service Center on the 4th floord of One Exchance Plaza in Downtown Raleigh.

Step Two: Application review + payment

Zoning staff from the City of Raleigh will review your application to confirm your business address is zones for the intended use. Once your Inspection Zoning Compliance form is approved, you will be notified by the City of Raleigh. 

At this time, all fees will need to be paid:

To make your payment online: Register an account with the Permit and Development Portal and pay your fee.

To make your payment in-person: Visit the Cashier in the DS Customer Service Center. (One Exchance Plaza, 4th floor)

Step Three: Scheduling inspections

Once payment has been made, please contact Seth Langdon at 919-796-7268. He will schedule your inspection and coordinate with the Fire Department so that both the required buidling and fire inspections can happen simultaneously. Inspections will take place on site. 

Step Four: Raleigh Police Department

Once you have passed all inspections, the Police Department will complete the processing of the application and conduct the applicable background checks. Should you need to contact RPD, their contact number is 919-996-5130.

Once complete, the client will be contacted at the telephone number provided on the NC ABC Commission form.

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