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Building and Safety is one of the four divisions that make up the Development Services Department. Building and Safety staff supervise all building construction activities within the City of Raleigh's jurisdiction. We protect the health, safety, and general welfare of residents and businesses by enforcing all building codes.

Our number one job is to perform building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing inspections. All four trade groups perform an average of 600 inspections a day in Raleigh!

This page serves as a guide for the residential and non-residential inspection process:

  • Residential | single family homes, one- and-two-family dwelling units, townhomes
  • Non-Residential | commercial, schools, apartment/condo buildings, mixed-use, restaurants

Code Interpretations for Designers, Engineers, Homeowners, & Inspectors

Local, State, and National code interpretations are provided below as a reference for current and future projects.

Local Code Interpretations

State Code Interpretations

National Code Interpretations

Contractor Licensing (Journeyman Information)

UDO Article 11.3 covers information regarding the City of Raleigh Journeyman program.

Information about Journeyman's exams: Journeyman's Exam Schedule and Journeyman's Exam Application.

Residential Inspection Information

Residential inspections happen during different stages of construction for projects pertaining to single family dwellings, one- and-two family dwelling units, and townhomes.

Click here for information on residential inspections, including how to schedule or cancel.

Non-Residential/Commercial Inspection Information

Non-residential inspections happen during different stages of construction for projects pertaining to mixed-use, schools, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, and restaurants.

Click here for information on non-residential inspections, including how to schedule or cancel.

Special Inspections & Third Party Agreement

Special inspections are for non-residential/commercial projects as mentioned in Section 1704 of the NC Building Code. For information on special inspections and third party agreements, please click here. 

Contact Information for all Trades

Contact information for all trades, including Building, Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical, can be found in the Development Services Employee Directory.

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