Residential Inspections

Information on scheduling inspections for residential projects.

Last updated Aug. 22, 2019 - 11:30 am

Residential inspections are conducted after permits are issued for a construction project. This includes work being done on a single family home, one- and-two-family dwelling unit, or a townhome. Having work inspected lets everyone know that the work has been done safely and correctly.

Inspections should be scheduled via a registered account in the Permit and Development Portal. Watch a tutorial video on how to schedule inspections.

You can reschedule or cancel an inspection via the permit portal up until the day of your inspection. If you must reschedule or cancel an inspection the day of, email Field Services as soon as possible.

A reinspection fee will be charged for any inspection that is rescheduled or cancelled the day of.

When this inspection is done by someone who is trained in the field for the type of work you are doing, it brings a certain value to the project. Most over the counter permits need just one or two inspections; it is only the more complex project, like a house addition, that requires a number of inspections.
Permit inspections help protect your family by ensuring the project is done safely and correctly. It can also save you money by catching errors to make sure the project is done right the first time. These inspections can also ease the frustration that many homeowners experience during a home improvement by eliminating mistakes and preventing extensive rewor

After-hours Inspections

After-hours inspections are only for non-emergencies, outside of normal business hours (8:15 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.). A two-day noticed is preferred for this type of inspection, as they are scheduled based on staff availability.

Eligible Projects: new construction, alterations, interior completions, additions, change of use, shell buildings, single-family dwellings

  • Applicants must have a valid permit before scheduling
  • All work must be complete and ready for inspection
  • A contractor representative must be on-site with plans, a permit card, and list of areas needing inspection

Steps for Scheduling After-hours:

  1. Complete the After-hours inspection form, and submit:
    1. In-person | One Exchange Plaza, 4th floor
    2. Via email |
    3. Via e-fax | 919-996-1831
  2. Within two business days, we will reach out to you to confirm the date and time of your inspection. We will also inform you of any associated fees.
  3. Pay your fees prior to the inspection. Fees can be paid over the phone or in-person.
Fees: $75/hour for residential projects. Fees are refundable for inspections cancelled by 3 p.m.

Storm Damage

We often know when a storm is coming, but we can't predict the damage that may happen to our personal property. Click here for important information on what to do if your property is damaged during a storm event.


Should an emergency happen on your property and emergency services are called to the scene, the on-site official will contact the proper City of Raleigh staff in order to assess the situation.

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