Top Ten Rejection Reasons - Field Inspections

Last updated Mar. 27, 2018 - 10:18 am

The top ten (10) inspection rejection reasons by trade.

Building Trade

  • Not ready; Out of sequence*
  • Plans and/or Truss details missing/incorrect
  • Load Points missing/incorrect
  • Firestopping and/or draftstopping missing/incorrect
  • Truss bracing missing/incorrect
  • Drilling and overnotching of joists and plates
  • Riser heights incorrect on stairs
  • Hangers missing/not nailed properly
  • Anchor bolts missing/incorrect
  • Improper nailing of headers and beams


Before scheduling a framing inspection, all other trade inspections must be approved. All trade inspections can be scheduled in any order of sequence.

The framing inspection will always be the last inspection scheduled after all other trade rough ins have been approved.

Electrical Trade

  • Receptacle spacing
  • Conductor protection
  • Legends & labels
  • Equipment grounding
  • Poor or improper connections
  • Box support
  • Not accessible
  • Knock out seals & filler plates
  • Not ready
  • Service grounding

Fire Sprinkler & Alarm Trade

  • Sprinklers obstructed
  • d-b levels below requirements
  • Incorrect F/A strobe coverage (candela rating)
  • Incorrect sprinkler hangers & fire alarm box/cable supports
  • Compatibility of equipment
  • Sprinklers overspaced
  • Incorrect programming of fire alarm system
  • No record of completion sent to City of Raleigh before inspection
  • Auxiliary systems fail to operate properly (HVAC shut down shunt-trip (i.e. elevator-ansul interlock-suppression system interlock-door holders -door release-fire doors & shutters)
  • F/A and suppression systems redesigned and installed without having changes approved by City of Raleigh.

Mechanical Trade

  • Gas piping
  • Duct work
  • Gas vents
  • Clearance
  • Access
  • Drain lines
  • Bath fans
  • Fire stop
  • Combustion air

Plumbing Trade

  • Doors locked
  • Need D.W.V. test
  • D.W.V. leaking
  • Test water pipe
  • Not ready
  • Freezing (insulation)
  • Final testing (no water on)
  • Venting
  • Thermal expansion
  • Need cleanout

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