Community Engagement Process Development (CEPD)

Last updated Oct. 02, 2019 - 2:28 pm

The City of Raleigh Community Engagement Process Development (CEPD) is studying best practices for conducting outreach in order to create a standard process for community outreach and engagement in City Planning projects. The goals of the CEPD are to:

  • Research Best Practices in public engagement
  • Survey Public Engagement Preferences through a public survey, pop-up events, a community forum, and community conversations
  • Assess Current Practices by looking at the current engagement process for the City of Raleigh Planning Department
  • Create a Participation Playbook based on the insights and lessons learned throughout the study

Why is an Engagement Process Needed?

The Raleigh Department of City Planning’s mission is to guide development and conservation for a healthy and prosperous Raleigh. To make sure we are serving everyone equally, we need the input of as many residents as possible during the planning of our projects. We strive to continuously improve our methods of community engagement in a way that informs, consults, involves, collaborates with, and empowers the residents of our community.

Where Are We in the Process?

The CEPD project began in early August. Since then the project team has conducted research on national best practices for public engagement, and has begun the assessment of City Planning’s engagement practices.

Why Should I Get Involved?

Your voice is important! Raleigh residents should have equal opportunity to be a part of City Planning efforts. Your involvement in this project helps build a plan to effectively engage the community during all future City Planning projects.

How Do I Get Involved?

We would love to hear your thoughts about community engagement! Please consider taking our short Community Preference Survey which is now open.

The Community Preferences survey will gather feedback from the Raleigh community on:

  • Preferred ways to learn about and provide feedback on projects and plans
  • Past experiences with City Planning outreach efforts

Make your voice heard by participating in the online survey.

The feedback gathered from this online survey, as well as through other events and activities will be used to guide the development of the Participation Playbook.

You will have additional opportunities to share your input during pop-up events and through a community forum and community conversations. Dates and more information will be posted here when available.

For project and event updates, check back this page.

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