Blount Street - Person Street Corridor Improvement Project

Last updated Oct. 18, 2019 - 9:00 am
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Completed
  • Corridor Improvement Project
  • Part One $3.26 Million & Part Two $9.4 Million
  • Central
  • Roadway Design and Construction (Lead)
  • Kimley Horn & Associates - Part 2 Design Consultant
  • City of Raleigh Department of Transportation
  • Stewart Engineering, Inc. Part One Design Consultant
  • CACs: Central, North Central, Mordecai

Current Activity

Part One

Full Closure of Wake Forest Road between Sycamore and Harding Street Starts Oct. 9

The City of Raleigh will close Wake Forest Road, between Sycamore and Harding street, due to a sinkhole discovered during with the Blount Street / Person Street Corridor Project. The cause of the sinkhole is a 700-foot section of wastewater line that will be replaced during this closure. Work will begin at 7 a.m., Wednesday, Oct. 9, and is estimated to be completed on Wednesday, Oct. 30.

We understand that traffic detours can be an inconvenience and we thank you for your patience during this time.

There are parking restrictions in place during construction. Please adhere to all temporary no-parking signs along the corridor.

Two-way Conversion Design Process to Start (Part Two)

Raleigh City Council gave their authorization to award the design contract to Kimley Horn & Associates during the Sept. 17, 2019, City Council Meeting.

The City sent out letters to property owners informing them that survey teams are starting to take topographical surveys along the corridors. These surveys are used in the design process.

We will hold a pre-design meeting in early 2020. The pre-design meeting is a great opportunity to see the design concepts for the two-way conversion of the Blount Street Person Street corridor.


These projects are a continuation of implementing the Blount Street – Person Street Corridor Study.

While Part One will convert Wake Forest Road to a 3-lane roadway with bike lanes and adds marked bike lanes between Hammond Road and Old Louisburg Road, Part Two will return most of Blount and all of Person Street to two-way operation.

Part two of the project also includes roundabouts at the intersection of Blount, Delway, and Person Streets with Wake Forest Road; and at the intersection of Brookside Drive and Automotive Way. We may also reconfigure the Blount Street, Person Street, and Hammond Road intersection to a roundabout.

Three blocks of Lane and Jones Streets will also be converted to two-way operation, from Blount Street to the existing two-way sections at East Street.

Benefits of two-way operation are direct motor vehicle access, traffic calming, enhanced bicyclist and pedestrian environment, improved business visibility, and increased social and economic activity on the street.


  • Blount Davie to Cabarrus Rendering
  • Wake Forest Road Diet
  • Blount St. / Person St. BIke Lanes


Project schedule with dates and descriptions
July 2013 Adopted Corridor Plan
November 2013 Transportation Bond Referendum
July 2015Bond Funds Available
January 2016Design Contract Awarded - Part One
Spring 2016 LAPP Grant Awarded - Part One
May 16, 201625% Design Open House - Part One
May 4, 201775% Design Open House - Part One
Sept. 2017NCDOT Resurfacing Funding Awarded - Part One
April 2, 2019Award Construction Contract - Part One
Winter 2020Construction Complete - Part One
January 2020Pre-Design Public Meeting - For Part Two


Blount Street and Person Street date to the original 1792 City of Raleigh William Christmas Plan. The corridor runs through industrial, residential, institutional and commercial areas.

Blount Street was extended above North Street in 1872, stretching the City's boundaries northward. The 1959 Thoroughfare Plan for the City of Raleigh called for the conversion of the streets to a one-way pair. The work was completed in the mid 1960s. The 2002 Livable Streets plan for Downtown Raleigh calls for consideration of returning the streets to two-way traffic. In 1966, plans called for an expressway on the east side of Downtown. The 200-foot right of way would have cleared the blocks between Bloodworth and East streets, just east of Person Street. The plan was never implemented, and Person and Blount streets continued to serve as important north-south connectors on the east side of Downtown. Blount Street was lowered in 1967-68 at Shaw University in order to accommodate a pedestrian overpass connecting the two sides of its campus.

On July 16, 2013, the Raleigh City Council approved the Blount Street/Person Street Corridor Plan. The Blount Street/Person Street corridor extends more than five miles from Capital Boulevard to I-40 and includes Wake Forest Road and Hammond Road. The core of the corridor is the pair of one-way streets Blount and Person streets.

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