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The primary goal of the City of Raleigh's Office of Transportation Planning is to create a seamless and efficient multimodal transportation system for the City. The City's transportation plan provides an integrated, multimodal approach with a goal of providing universal accessibility for all residents, employers, and services. Transportation is more than the movement of goods and services - it is the movement of people with a variety of mode choices. It is important to us to ensure those choices and to lay the framework for a quality system that moves people safely, efficiently, and enjoyably throughout the City.

Street Planning

Street Planning

Supporting the development of connected, well-designed streets in Raleigh that give people efficient transportation choices.

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Bicycle Planning

Bicycle Program

Encouraging biking in Raleigh through on-road facility design, cycling safety and education courses, and community engagement programs.

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Pedestrian Planning

Pedestrian Programs

Promoting a walkable Raleigh by recommending new pedestrian facilities, increasing pedestrian safety awareness and encouraging more people to walk.

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Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes

Providing resources to parents, teachers, and community leaders that make it safe, convenient, and fun for children to walk and bike to and from school.

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Streetscape Capital Program

Transforming existing neighborhoods and street corridors into active, attractive places to live, work and play. The Streetscape Capital Program focuses on streets with city-wide significance.

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Neighborhood Streetscapes

Improving the safety, function, and aesthetics of residential streets in response to resident requests for traffic calming.

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Adopted Streetscape Plans

Adopted streetscape plans guide improvements as set forth in article 8.5 of the Unified Development Ordinance. Parcels within a Pedestrian Business Overlay District (PBOD) overlay under a legacy zoning district are also subject to the standards of adopted streetscape plans.

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Capital Improvement Planning

Capital Improvement Planning

Linking Raleigh’s planning efforts and capital programming with the goal of expanding the multimodal transportation system.

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Thoroughfare Facility Fee Program

Fee Schedule

Revenues for street improvement projects and reimbursing new developments for public street construction and improvement.

Learn more about Thoroughfare Facility Fee Program

Transit Planning

Transit Planning

Identifying opportunities for increased transit service in the region as well as improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our current systems.

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Contact Information

919-996-3030 | 222 W. Hargett Street, Suite 400

Manager: Eric Lamb

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