Home Occupation Guidelines

Last updated Oct. 26, 2017 - 9:40 am
Home occupation is defined as "an accessory use of a dwelling unit for gainful employment."

A home occupation business must meet the following regulations as outlined in the City of Raleigh Unified Development Code 6.7.3.D.
  1. It must be carried on by a resident of the structure as either a sole proprietorship or a corporation that is wholly owned by the residents of the structure, or a partnership where all partners are residents of the structure.
  2. No display of goods, products, or services shall be visible from outside the dwelling.
  3. The home occupation shall not exceed twenty-five (25) per cent of the livable portion of the dwelling or five hundred (500) square feet, whichever is less, and shall not require internal alterations or involve construction features not customarily found in dwellings.
  4. The use of any accessory building or structure or outdoor area for a home occupation is prohibited.
  5. Only handmade items, foodstuffs, and crafts made in the home may be offered for sale on the premises; no other goods, products or commodities bought for the express purpose of resale shall be sold at retail or wholesale on the premises nor shall such goods or products be stored or displayed on the premises.
  6. No equipment of process shall be used in connection with the home occupation which creates noise, vibration, glare fumes, odors, or electrical interference detectable to the normal senses, off the premises. In the case of electrical interference, no equipment or process shall be used which creates visual or audible interference in any radio or television receivers off the premises.
  7. Only one (1) vehicle used in connection with the home occupation shall be parked or stored on the premises; provided, however, the vehicle will not be a truck, such as but not limited to a dump truck, a fuel oil delivery truck or wrecker, and no advertising or reference to the home occupation may be displayed on the vehicle in any manner.
  8. No person, other than members of the family residing on the premises, shall be engaged or employed in the business.
  9. The exterior character or appearance of the dwelling shall not be altered or changed to accommodate the home occupation.

Permit Application Requirements:

For additional information or questions concerning home occupation use, please contact the Development Services Customer Service Center at 919-996-2500.

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