Produce Stands

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A produce stand permit allows small agri-businesses to retail their produce in order to result in a more convenient means of purchasing locally-grown produce by citizens.


  1. Sales shall be limited to agricultural produce with the area devoted to the produce stand activities not to exceed a maximum of two thousand (2,000) square feet. In addition to the sales of agricultural produce, twenty-five 25% of the produce stand area may be devoted to the sales of home made food goods such as baked goods, jams and relishes. For produce stands not removed from the lot on a daily basis, the use shall be limited to a maximum of eight (8) months per calendar year. All tents, stands, signs, and structures associated with the produce stand shall be removed from the property within five (5) calendar days following the termination of the approved time period.
  2. Produce stands locating within any residential zoning district shall be required to locate on the property of a residential institution (church, school, civic club, etc.), or minimum of one hundred (100) dwelling units or on property fronting a thoroughfare as designated by the City's Comprehensive Plan. In the event that the property fronting a thoroughfare is developed with a single family detached dwelling, no parking associated with the produce stand may be located within the front yard area.
  3. Tents, stands or other related structures shall provide a minimum ten (10) foot setback from all property lines and public rights-of-way.
  4. One (1) off-street parking space shall be provided for every two hundred (200) square feet of area devoted to retail sales, but no less than three pedestrian and vehicle circulation and arranged so that vehicle ingress and egress to exempt from parking surface requirements and the required landscaping requirements.
  5. Signage for all produce stand activities on the premise shall be limited to one (1) unlighted announcement sign not to exceed twelve (12) square feet in area and be higher than three and one half (3 1/2) feet above the ground elevation.
  6. All activities shall be discontinued by 8:00 p.m. when located within a residential zoning district.
  7. No Code-required landscape planning area shall be utilized in association with the produce stand activities and no unauthorized encroachments on public rights-of-way shall be permitted.
  8. A plot plan that shows the location of all tents, produce stands, driveways, off-street parking, traffic circulation, signs or other related structures be submitted to the City of Raleigh for their approval, and that a zoning permit be issued prior to any event taking place.

Approvals or Permits Issued

  • Produce Stand Permit

Submittal Requirements

Required for Submittal
  • Completed Produce Stand application (doc) (pdf)
  • Plot Plan (scaled drawing)
  • Submittal packages should be hand delivered to the Development Services Customer Service Center, One Exchange Plaza, Suite 400, Raleigh, NC 27602
  • Submittal packages can also be delivered by mail to:
    City of Raleigh
    Development Services Customer Service Center
    One Exchange Plaza, Suite 400
    PO Box 590
    Raleigh, NC 27602
Required for Some Projects
  • If a tent will be erected during the outdoor activity and it exceeds 400 square feet, a flame retardant certification must be secured. In addition to the certificate, fire prevention must perform an inspection of the tent. Contact Fire Prevention to schedule an inspection by using this link or phone 919-996-6392. Tent permit application packet.
  • Landlord approval, in writing (if applicant does not own or is leasing the space)

Expected Processing Time

Approximately 48 business hours.


  • Zoning permits are a minimum fee permit. Please see the Development Fee Schedule for current permit fee
  • The permit fee is paid at the end of the process when the permit is picked up

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