Fire Station 14 Replacement

Last updated Nov. 05, 2018 - 3:39 pm
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  • Construction
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  • City Facility - Fire
  • $9.5 million
  • Northwest
  • Construction Management (Lead)
  • City of Raleigh Fire Department
  • Stewart Cooper Newell Architects
  • Pro Construction

Current Activity

Posted Monday, Nov. 5

Construction for this project is underway. The contractor is putting in sediment and erosion control measures to help keep soil and rocks onsite to prevent debris from washing to nearby streams. Stormwater infrastructure also is being installed. The site is being graded and a retaining wall is being constructed. Next, additional site work will be done to prepare for construction of the fire station.

The new building is expected to be complete next summer.

If you have any questions about upcoming construction, contact Aaron Hair, PE, or 919-996-5587.


The purpose of this project is to replace Fire Station 14, which is currently located at 4220 Lake Boone Trail, with a new fire station designed to meet the needs of the station's growing service area. The new fire station will be located at 3510 Harden Road.

The facility will be approximately 18,100 square feet with three equipment bays, including one bay for a ladder truck, a second bay for an engine truck, and a third bay for two chief vehicles or future equipment needs.


  • Fire Station 14 Construction
  • Fire Station 14 Rendering


Project schedule with dates and descriptions
Summer 2016Project design began
Fall 2017Project design complete
Spring 2018Project construction begins
Summer 2019Project construction complete


The current Fire Station 14, which is located at 4220 Lake Boone Trail, opened in 1973. The new facility will allow for an improved level of service to the Meredith Woods community and the western boarders of Raleigh.

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