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The Digital Inclusion division provides community based opportunities that use technology as a catalyst to foster creativity and improve the quality of life for citizens of Raleigh. Through a diverse group of programs and partners, participants connect to valuable information, gain knowledge, and learn skills necessary to help them become active members of the digital economy.

Raleigh Digital Ambassadors

*Volunteering at Oak City Techathon

Raleigh Digital Ambassadors are dedicated and engaged young volunteers who enhance communities & neighborhood through assisting in technology classes, programs, projects and events that are provided by the Digital Inclusion division.

Initiatives have include…

  • Facilitate and assist Adult Technology Classes
  • Participate in the Annual Oak City Techathon
  • Coordinate Digital Literacy Promotional Events
  • Contribute in community based Technology projects

These young leaders are alumni of the Raleigh Digital Connectors program. Becoming a Raleigh Digital Ambassadors provides alumni the opportunity to continue serving through a multi-generational approach. Through volunteer service, their committed efforts help to bridge the digital divide.

For more information on how you or community may benefit from the Raleigh Digital Ambassadors or for additional questions, please email Bradley Upchurch or call 919-996-5524.

Raleigh Digital Connectors

Digital Connectors is a nationally renowned program, provided by the City of Raleigh, that provides technology and leadership training for youth, ages 14-18. The program offers young people a chance to expand 21st century technology skills, develop professional life skills, participate in open data projects, explore workplace pathways, and serve their communities.

Do you enjoy learning about technology? Do you like to teach others about using computers and the Internet? Do you want to make a difference in your community? If so, apply to become a Raleigh Digital Connector.

  • Applications are currently closed. A new application will be posted in Spring of 2019.

What Digital Connectors Learn:

In an innovative technology room at the Raleigh Pathways Center, Raleigh Digital Connectors learn skills in Twelve Core Competencies:

  • Leadership & Diversity
  • Personal Development
  • Workforce Development
  • Financial Literacy
  • Community Mapping
  • Digital Literacy
  • Coding
  • Open Data Principles
  • Environmentalism and Sustainability
  • Civic Journalism
  • Service and Global Engagement
  • Teaching and Facilitation

Digital Connectors receive long-lasting benefits by:

  • Increasing computer and Internet knowledge
  • Learning the value of access and digital inclusion in their community
  • Becoming certified in Ever-Fi financial literacy
  • Learning entrepreneurship and life skills
  • Gaining skills to succeed in high school, college, and the global workforce
  • Becoming young leaders in the community
Digital Connectors Help Their Community

Digital Connectors Videos

Digital Connectors Recruitment Video: Apply To Digital Connectors!

Other videos on YouTube:

Contact Information

  • Bradley Upchurch
    Digital Inclusion Programs Manager
    City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources
    Phone: 919-996-5524

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