Due Diligence Online Service (DDOS)

Last updated Nov. 16, 2017 - 2:23 pm
Example of an aerial photo used in a DDS

The City of Raleigh now offers a new and improved Due Diligence Online Service, which replaces the former face-to-face Due Diligence Session formerly offered by Development Services.

The DDOS is a web-based service that allows clients to receive feedback on specific properties within the City of Raleigh, at no cost to the applicant. The DDOS will continue to address high-level questions and issues related to the development of property. As part of the service, review staff will comment only on trade information related to the parcel(s) and general regulatory items that may be applicable based on preliminary project parameters.

No approvals or permits are issued with the service. DDOS is intended to help begin the development process and should not be considered regulatory or an official review.

Important Information to Note:

To request a DDOS, visit the online portal.