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City Planning


To guide development and conservation for a healthy and prosperous Raleigh.

Department Overview

The Department provides three main planning services: comprehensive planning, design and implementation and

regulation. Comprehensive planning, including corridor, area and neighborhood planning processes, supports

community involvement and visioning for future growth and development throughout the City. Design and

implementation focuses on bringing these planning efforts to fruition through design services and project planning.

By managing requests for zoning map changes, variances from development standards, annexations and other

regulatory processes, the department ensures that current development meets standards identified in the zoning

ordinance. Real Estate Services provides property acquisition and disposition, deed research and real property

lease management services to the city.

Additional information regarding City Planning may be obtained by contacting Kenneth Bowers, City Planning

Director, at (919) 996-2633 or via email at .

Budget Highlights

Following the reorganization of the Public Works Department, the Transportation Planning program (8

positions) is transferred from City Planning to the newly formed Department of Transportation.

In order to better align communications services throughout the city, staff providing support to City

Planning, Development Services and Economic Development and Innovation are realigned with the

Communications Department (3 positions).

Funding for an architectural survey ($20,000), National Register Nominations ($40,000) and one Planner II

is added ($64,000) to support the historic preservation program. The survey provides matching funds for a

grant to identify neighborhoods that may be eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places or

designation as local historic districts. The Planner II will support increasing Certificate of Appropriateness

(COA) application review needs for development in local historic districts.

One Planner II ($64,000) is added to support civic design and implementation. This program, under the

Urban Design Center, supports major public projects by providing design support and expertise.

Additional consultant funding ($200,000) will provide specialized support to several upcoming planning

efforts. Consultants with specialized expertise will augment staff resources devoted to small area plans

and other planning efforts.

Funding is included for the development of a Falls of Neuse small area plan ($30,000).


Planning and


Urban Design

Real Estate