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Development Services


To build a better Raleigh by promoting and ensuring quality, safety, usability, sustainability and compliance in the

built environment.

Department Overview

The Development Services Department works to promote and ensure quality, safety, usability, compatibility,

sustainability, predictability and compliance in the built environment. Through plan review, field inspections and

customer service the department ensures that development projects meet all applicable code and standards, from

the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) and Raleigh Street Design manual to all applicable state and federal

building codes. By providing central intake functions for development projects, coordinating inter-departmental

services and providing project oversight, the department works to ensure a high quality development process with

flexible, cost effective solutions and excellent customer service.

Additional information regarding Development Services may be obtained by contacting Thomas Hosey,

Development Services Director, at (919) 996-2701 or via email at


Budget Highlights

As part of the Public Works reorganization, 20 positions in Development Engineering Services are

transferred to the Development Services Department. Moving the unit, which provides services for all

proposed development and construction within public rights-of-way, aligns this work with similar review and

inspections services provided by the Development Services Department. An additional Project Engineer I

($54,000) is included in this program to address increased right-of-way development review needs.

Transferred three Conservation Foresters positions mid-year to Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources.

Transferred one Development Services Technician and two Zoning Inspectors from the City Planning


Two additional Senior Multi-Trade Code Enforcement Inspectors ($138,000) will complete a new major

projects inspections team that will be dedicated to large, complex projects. By providing this focused

guidance from beginning to end, code compliance issues will be addressed earlier, helping development

projects to maintain their timelines and more efficiently using staff resources.

A new project advocacy program was created in FY16 to provide additional customer support developing

approval timelines, track projects and work with customers as a single point of contact. One Project

Coordinator ($76,000) is added to fully implement this program.

Workload for preliminary plan review is anticipated to increase substantially when the UDO is fully

implemented. One new Planner II will support this need, while an additional Zoning Inspector will ensure

adequate staffing to provide next-day inspection services ($130,000).


Building and