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staff will also continue implementing the $92 million bond program, which includes significant

improvements at John Chavis Memorial Park, Walnut Creek Softball Complex, and expansions to

the greenways system.

Transportation and Transit

Within this Key Focus Area, the City will add resources to improve implementation of

our capital programs. The Proposed Budget funds the following positions:

Project Engineer to support road widening and other capital projects,

Inspections Coordinator to support our ongoing resurfacing program,

One position to support a pilot program of alternative street maintenance strategies, and,

One position to support transit capital projects, including the installation such accessible bus

stop infrastructure as shelters, benches, and sidewalks and ramps.

Staff will continue to implement the $75 million 2013 Transportation Bond program. The program

includes several road widening projects, including Mitchell Mill Road, New Hope Church Road,

Pleasant Valley Road, Sandy Forks Road, and Tryon Road Part C. The second phase of the

Hillsborough Street streetscape project is also under way.

Construction of Raleigh Union Station will begin in Summer 2016 and staff expect to open the facility

in late 2017. The Proposed Budget funds two positions for this critical transportation hub, one to

serve as a facility manager and a second position for maintenance support. The FY2018 budget will

incorporate additional operating impacts for Union Station.

To implement the new Bike Share program, the Proposed Budget funds a program coordinator

position for a partial year. The Bike Share system facilities will be installed in FY2018, funded by a

$2 million grant from CAMPO and $425,000 in matching City funds. The City has also invited Wake

County and North Carolina State University to contribute capital funding. Any additional

contributions from other stakeholders will reduce the City’s capital matching funds.

Organizational Excellence

The Proposed Budget invests significantly in our City’s communications efforts,

government facilities, and employee compensation.

As part of the budget proposal, we re-brand the public affairs unit as the

Communications Department. This better reflects the broad range of communication services

provided, including video, graphics, event management, and media relationships. The Proposed

Budget provides two additional positions to the Communications Department to increase graphics

and video services, and provide more support to City departments. We will also realign three other

positions, which have been supporting multiple departments, from City Planning to Communications

to create a central graphics unit.

We propose funding a city-wide branding study in early FY2017. Presently, City departments and

divisions use dozens of different logos and symbols. This planning effort will develop a common City

branding approach, and, ultimately, make it easier for citizens and stakeholders to identify City of

Raleigh services.

The Proposed Budget funds a citizen survey, which will be administered in Fall 2016. The survey

will collect data and feedback from citizens to help staff and Council Members determine City

priorities, modify policies, and reconsider how we provide services.