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Solid Waste Services


To create a safe, efficient and effective waste management, disposal and recycling system that protects the natural

environment while supporting the City of Raleigh’s vision to achieve a sustainable future.

Department Overview

Solid Waste Services provides safe and efficient garbage, recycling and yard waste collection and disposal

services across the city, including specialized services in the central business district and at special events.

Additional programs including Geographical Information System (GIS), training and development, safety and code

enforcement support the departmental operations. Education and public outreach efforts focus on increasing

community awareness of solid waste services and programs. The Yard Waste Center recycles and sell yard waste

materials that are prohibited by state law to be disposed of in landfills.

Additional information regarding the Solid Waste Services Department may be obtained by contacting Frederick

Battle, Solid Waste Services Director, at (919) 996-6867 or via email at .

Budget Highlights

A $0.75 per month residential garbage collection fee increase. This fee increase funds growing service

needs and continues to move Solid Waste Services towards its 80% cost recovery goal.

One administrative position is transferred to Public Utilities to support the mid-year FY16 customer support

and billing service transition from a contract vendor to Public Utilities ($36,000).

Three new Equipment Operator III positions ($131,000) in the Residential Collection Division will provide

staffing flexibility to rebalance existing routes and increase route efficiency. Additional service positions

have not been added for collections since FY13.

Two additional Equipment Operator III positions ($88,000) are included to supplement staffing at the Yard

Waste Center, allowing the Center to operate fully staffed six days a week. Reductions in part time and

overtime funding will offset the new position costs.


Yard Waste