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moderate income renter households who are cost burdened, meaning that rental costs exceed 30%

of their income. Additionally, there are 16,000 households with rental costs exceeding 50% of their

income. At present, the City funds roughly 200 affordable rental units per year to support our

community. The additional funding will enable us to increase output by over 60% to roughly 325

units per year. Allocating property tax revenue provides a permanent funding stream to address this

long-term need. This proposal implements not only the Affordable Housing Improvement Plan, but

also an important Strategic Plan objective--

preserve and increase the supply of housing for all

income groups


This proposal also allows us to allocate one cent of revenue, $5.7 million, to fund the debt service on

the Dorothea Dix property acquisition. City Council approved the purchase in June 2015 with a ten

year debt financing at 2.18%. The acquisition implements an Arts and Cultural Resources objective

within the Strategic Plan—

protect, enhance and develop unique places that reflect the City’s

character, history and values

. Master planning for the park starts soon, which begins the process of

transforming the property into a valuable asset our citizens will enjoy for generations to come.


In this Proposed Budget, we present you with important choices about the City’s future. Please

share with us your follow-up questions as you consider these choices. We appreciate City Council’s

support throughout the budget process. And, we look forward to working with you as you consider

these important policy and resource allocation decisions.

To discuss the Proposed Budget, City Council will hold a work session each Monday in June,

beginning at 4pm in Council Chambers. These work sessions continue weekly until Council adopts

the FY2017 operating and capital budgets. A public hearing will be held Tuesday, June 7 at 7pm in

Council Chambers.

Thank you,

Ruffin L. Hall, City Manager