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Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources


Together we connect and enrich our community through exceptional experiences.

Department Overview

The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department (PRCR) plays a leading role in determining the quality

of life and character of the Capital City. With nearly 10,000 acres of parkland, 117 miles of greenway trails and over

1.2 million square feet of facilities, the department provides a wide range of creative programming opportunities

that promote the social, cultural, mental and physical well-being of citizens. The city’s vision for its parks, recreation

and cultural resources system is “bringing people to parks and parks to people.”

The department is comprised of six divisions: Business Process Management, Design and Development, Parks,

Recreation, Resources and Strategic Planning, Communications and Analytics. Additional information regarding

PRCR may be obtained by contacting Diane Sauer, PRCR Director, at (919) 996-4815 or via email at .

Budget Highlights

With the Public Works Department reorganization, the Facilities and Operations division and one position in

construction management is transferred to the Engineering Services Department. Additionally, the Highway

Maintenance division and four construction positions are transferred to the Department of Transportation.

Partial year funding and four positions for the operations of the renovated Moore Square Park is included


Operating and programming costs for the Thomas G. Crowder Woodland Center at Lake Johnson Park

(two positions), Forest Ridge Park (four positions), and Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve (one position) are

included ($821,000).

Three Conservation Foresters were transferred mid-year from Development Services.

Four positions and operating costs were approved mid-year for Dix Park maintenance.

Three positions and operating costs from IT transferred for the Digital Connectors program.

Funding for Dorothea Dix Park master planning is included ($50,000).

A maintenance position related to the maintenance of FY14 Parks Bond playgrounds ($70,000), an Exhibits

Curator position ($51,000), a Customer Service Specialist ($43,000), and a Planning Technician ($49,000)

are added.











and Analytics