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Arts Agency Grants


The City of Raleigh arts grant program is the official vehicle for municipal support to the City's arts organizations,

providing support for a diverse range of opportunities, including city arts festivals, live theatre, dance and music

performances, visual arts exhibitions and youth arts programs. The arts grant program has been critical to the

development of many of Raleigh's cultural organizations, helping to bring stability to the city's arts community and

providing leverage for groups to seek business, foundation and other agency matching grants. Arts and culture-

related industries (collectively known as "creative industries") have provided direct economic benefits to Raleigh by

creating jobs, attracting new investments, generating tax revenues and stimulating tourism and consumer


The current per capita allocation for arts is $5.00 which, based on a population of 439,896, brings the total arts per

capita funding level for FY17 to $2,199,480, an increase of 2% over FY16. Arts per capita funding is disbursed by

the Raleigh Arts Commission, and a portion of the funding supports three positions in the Parks, Recreation &

Cultural Resources budget: a Public Art Coordinator, an Arts Grant Program Coordinator, and a Curator. In addition

to the per capita allocation, an additional $575,970 is provided for through existing lease or operating agreements

between the City and the following performing arts organizations: Carolina Ballet, North Carolina Symphony,

Raleigh Little Theatre, and Theatre in the Park. A 2% increase is included for agreements with Raleigh Little

Theatre and Theatre in the Park. This reflects a periodic adjustment to help cover increased utility costs, as

covered under both organizations’ agreements with the City.

Adopted budget information as well as grant funding amounts requested by each agency for FY17 appears on the

following page. Please note the following:

Marbles Kids Museum, funded in FY16, did not submit requests for FY17 funding.

For the second year in a row, Raleigh Review has not requested arts grant funding.

A multi-year history of grant awards is available from the Office of Raleigh Arts.

Additional information regarding arts agency appropriations may be obtained by contacting Sarah Corrin, Arts

Grant Coordinator, at (919) 996-4686 or via e-mail at .