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Human Service Agency Grants

The Human Relations Commission (HRC) awards annual grants to nonprofit organizations that provide services to

Raleigh residents who belong to five targeted groups: the elderly, youth, persons with disabilities, substance

abusers, and homeless individuals. Council policy adopted in January 2015 increases the HRC grant funding

allocation annually by the same rate as the arts per capita. In FY17, the allocation for human service grants is

$520,000, a 2% increase over FY16.

Funding for Human Service Agency grants totals $1,019,000 in FY17. This includes $520,000 in grants awarded by

the HRC and $499,000 in additional General Fund support for agencies historically supported by City Council. In

FY17, additional General Fund support is included for the following agencies: CASA ($84,000), Healing

Transitions/Healing Place ($95,000), Interfaith Food Shuttle ($95,000), Legal Aid ($45,000), Tammy Lynn Center

($95,000), and InterAct ($70,000) to bring their total City grant funding in FY17 to be equal to the funding the

agencies received from the City in FY16.

For the FY17 human service grant process, InterAct submitted a funding request for $275,000 through the human

service grant process. The HRC Grants Committee recommended $5,000 for this agency. This $5,000

recommendation was $20,000 below the $25,000 amounts awarded annually the past three years. In addition to

the human service grant allocation, InterAct historically received a General Fund allocation in the amount of

$50,000. This brought the total proposed human service funding allocation for InterAct to $55,000, which was

$20,000 less than the $75,000 in funding it has received annually since FY14. In early June, the agency submitted

a separate funding request for $70,000 to the Other Outside Agency Grants process. InterAct staff noted the intent

of the request was to restore funding to $75,000. In June 2016, during budget deliberations, Council allocated an

additional $20,000 in General Fund support bringing total funding allocated to InterAct in FY17 to $75,000.

Also, in FY17, General Fund support is included for Southeast Wake Adult Daycare ($15,000). The agency

requested $72,800 through the human service grant process. The HRC recommended no funding for this agency

as the agency submitted an application that did not meet the guidelines for a human service grant. The agency

has historically received funding from the HRC. In June 2016, during budget deliberations, Council allocated

$15,000 in General Fund support for the agency.

The following agencies did not request human services grant funding in FY17: Communities in Schools of Wake

County, Uniting NC, AIDS Service Agency, Guiding Lights, HopeLine, Love in Action, and Phi Lambda Educational

Foundation. A multi-year history of grant awards is available from the Housing & Neighborhoods Department.

A detailed list of funding to human service agencies appears on the following page. Adopted budget information, as

well as grant funding amounts requested by agency for FY17, is included.

Additional information regarding human service agency grants may be obtained by contacting Marionna Poke-

Stewart, Volunteer/Human Services Division Program Manager, at (919) 996-5726 or via e-mail at