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Other Outside Agency Grants

Through its Other Outside Agency grants process, the City of Raleigh provides funding to non-profit organizations

for programs and projects that fall outside the parameters of the City’s established Arts, Human Services or

Community Enhancement grant programs. Fifteen agencies applied for other outside agency funding in FY17

totaling $2,235,316. Of the fifteen agencies applying in FY17, twelve were funded at a total of $1,116,858. An

Other Outside Agency Reserve of $60,096 is included in the FY17 budget. Total Other Outside Agency grant

funding, with the reserve, is $1,176,954.

The following recurring agencies are funded at the same level in FY17 as they were funded in FY16: Chamber of

Commerce, Downtown Raleigh Alliance, Hillsborough Street Community Services Corporation, DHIC, Catholic

Charities, Passage Home and Transitions LifeCare. Transitions LifeCare is in the second year of four-year capital

grant allocation. Their application was received and they were awarded funding with the FY16 budget process.

Their final year of funding will occur in FY19.

Below is further information regarding the new requests funded in this category:

Food Bank of Eastern & Central NC receives $75,000 per year for five years (FY17-FY21) to support the

agency’s move to a larger facility.

Boys & Girls Club receives $76,463 in one-time support to purchase a vehicle to transport hot and cold

meals to Clubs throughout Raleigh. The agency also requested $60,000 in funding through the human

service grant process in FY17 to provide intensive tutoring and academic intervention programming. They

were awarded $15,000.

Advance Community Health receives $50,000 per year for five years (FY17-FY21) to fund a portion of a

new $13 million medical building. The agency also requested $45,600 in funding through the human service

grant process in FY17 to provide high quality primary health care services to homeless women at the

Women’s Center of Raleigh. They were awarded $25,000.

Triangle Family Services receives $50,000 in one-time support to provide in-depth financial stability

services and education programs to financially-challenged individuals and/or families. The agency also

submitted an application for $101,575 through the human service grant process to provide mental health

treatments. They were awarded $35,000.

Two agencies receiving continued support from the City, African American Cultural Festival (AACF) and Southeast

Raleigh Assembly (SERA), remain part of a funding strategy that puts them in compliance with the City’s 25%

maximum grant funding policy by FY18. Policy adopted in January 2015 states the

maximum level of city grant

funding to any agency is no more than 25% of the agency’s total actual operating expenses for last completed

fiscal year.

The funding strategy for AACF and SERA began with the FY16 budget and continues over a three-

year period by spreading the “percentage gap” in excess of the policy evenly across the three years. Funding

allocated to these agencies in FY17 is reflective of this strategy. The table illustrates the maximum percentage of

each agency’s prior fiscal year actual expenditures that may be awarded as a grant from the City in FY16, FY17

and FY18.