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The requests are then reviewed, discussions are held with agencies and adjustments are made as appropriate.

The City Manager’s proposals are then included in the Proposed CIP presented to the City Council in May.

The City Council adjusts the CIP as it deems appropriate and adopts the CIP by resolution at the same time it

adopts the Annual Operating Budget by ordinance.

Operating Budget and CIP Calendar


Operating Budget

CIP Budget


Staff Workshop

Call for budget requests

Call for CIP requests


- January

Departments prepare requests

Initial revenue estimates prepared

Departments prepare requests


Budget requests submitted to BMS

City Council pre-budget hearing

Department & BMS discussions

CIP requests due to BMS

Funding review

Review/adjustment of proposals


Department & BMS discussions


City Manager working budget


Review of proposals/update funding



City Manager & department review

Council Budget Work Sessions

Revenue estimates finalized

Balance operating budget and

integrate capital budget impacts

City Manager review

Council Budget Work Sessions

Funding sources determined

Balance CIP


Present to City Council

Present to City Council


Council review

Public hearing

Adoption of annual budget ordinance

Council review

Public hearing

Approve CIP by resolution


During the month of July, BMS staff prepares and distributes the Adopted Budget document, which incorporates all of the

changes approved by the City Council. At the start of the new fiscal year in July, the City Manager provides information

to departments setting time schedules and priorities for th

e purchase of equipment and the implementation of new

programs or initiatives.

Budget Amendments and Transfers

Throughout the fiscal year, adjustments to the original budget ordinance may become necessary to meet changing

circumstances, better carry out planned programs and provide for new Council initiatives. Two types of changes

can occur — budget amendments and budget transfers. Such changes are required at the line-item level of the

budget underlying the budget ordinance.

A budget amendment increases or decreases the revenue and expenditures of an appropriated fund (this may

involve decreases or increases in revenue and expenditures or shifting of monies between funds). Budget

amendments, in accordance with North Carolina Statute 159-15, require the approval of City Council. Amendment

requests are submitted to the BMS and approved by the City Manager prior to submittal to City Council.