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General Funds

The City of Raleigh has established separate funds for the purpose of reporting and accounting for all financial

transactions. Each fund represents a separate financial and accounting entity established for the purpose of

carrying out a specific set of activities or attaining certain objectives in accordance with special regulations,

restrictions, or limitations that pertain to the operations or resources of the fund.


General Fund (100)

is the principal operating fund for the City of Raleigh. It was established to account for all

financial resources except those required by state law, local ordinance, and generally accepted accounting

principles to be accounted for in another fund. General Fund revenues primarily include property taxes, state

shared revenues, sales taxes, licenses, permits and fees. The major operating activities include general

government, police, fire, public works, development services, parks and recreation and other governmental service



Economic Development Fund (110)

was established in FY94 to provide a focal point for the City’s economic

development program. Funding is provided in this budget for selected external organizations that promote growth

and development in the Raleigh area. This fund is supported by transfers from the General and Public Utilities



Revolving Fund (130)

was established primarily to account for various year-round recreational activities that

are self-supporting with revenues equaling or exceeding expenditures. The Revolving Fund also includes a number

of non-recreational self-sustaining programs and activities, including the Sustainability Environmental Awards and

classes offered by the Raleigh Television Network.


General Debt Service Fund (190)

provides for the payment of principal, interest and other expenses related

to existing debt, other than water and wastewater debt and other enterprise activities.


Walnut Creek Amphitheater Operating Fund (652)

was established in FY14 to separate the operating and

capital expenses related to maintaining the Walnut Creek Amphitheater. The fund is supported entirely by rental

revenue from the facility.


Housing Development Funds (735-736)

receive revenue primarily from City tax dollars which are collected in

the General Fund and appropriated to the Housing Development Funds. This funding supports various programs to

provide more affordable housing to low and moderate income residents.