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Special Revenue Funds

The primary purpose of the Special Revenue Funds is to account for the proceeds of designated revenue sources

that are restricted by law or administrative action for specific purposes. Revenue sources accounted for through the

City’s special revenue funds include:


Emergency Telephone System Fund (712)

is comprised of the Emergency Communication Center’s

allocation of the state’s wireless fund. The fund covers wireless eligible costs involved in operating and maintaining

a wireless enhanced 9-1-1 system. Wireless eligible costs are those costs incurred from when a wireless customer

dials 9-1-1 until the call taker/telecommunicator receives the call and locates the caller.


Convention Center Financing (715)

accounts for hotel and motel occupancy taxes collected by the County

and remitted to the City per an interlocal agreement to fund the financing of the Convention Center.


Housing Bond Funds (720-724)

accounts for City housing development programs which are financed by

general obligation bond issues.


Community Development Funds (741-781)

are primarily supported by federal grant funds allocated to the

City for community development programs which are targeted primarily to inner-city areas. In addition to the

Community Development Block Grant, revenues in this fund include rental income and loan repayments.

The Grants Fund (810)

receives City several grants on an annual basis. FY16 will be the first year that these

grants are adopted with the City budget; historically, they have been adopted throughout the year as they are

received. The Adopted 2014-2015 column reflects this history of not adopting grants with the budget.


CAMPO Fund (811)

supports the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) activities.

Funding comes from federal grants and partner agencies.


Disaster Recovery Fund (816)

accounts for federal and state reimbursement for disaster recovery activities

resulting from various natural disasters and the City’s flood mitigation program.