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General Capital Project Funds

The purpose of the General Capital Projects Funds

is to account for the financial resources segregated for the

acquisition or construction of major general capital assets and facilities. The budgets within these funds are

adopted for the life of the project. Under the project accounting concept, project expenditures, and the revenues

used to fund them, are accumulated until the year the project is completed. General projects accounted for within

the general capital projects funds include street projects, park improvements, technology projects, major public

facilities and other miscellaneous capital projects.


Technology Fund (501)

accounts for long-term technology projects as recommended by the City’s technology

governance process. These projects are financed from general fund resources.


Capital Projects Fund (505)

accounts for all capital improvement costs not applicable to other capital

improvement programs. These improvements are financed from nonbond



Sidewalk Fund (515)

accounts for capital project costs for the construction of sidewalks within the City.


Street Improvement Fund (525)

accounts for all street improvement programs to be financed from applicable

street assessment proceeds and other non-bond street improvement resources



Street Facility Fees Funds (545) and Park Facility Fees Fund (610)

accounts for facility fees collected from

developers to be expended for

street and park capital purposes within designated zones in the City.


Park Improvement Fund (625)

accounts for transfers from the general fund and other revenues and

allocations, and all project costs in the construction of park improvements as well as park land and greenway



Walnut Creek Amphitheater Fund (650)

accounts for capital projects costs of the Amphitheater

financed by a

portion of the Amphitheater rent.