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Enterprise Funds

Enterprise Funds are used to account for operations that are financed and operated in a manner similar to private

business enterprises – where the intent of the governing body is that the costs of providing goods or services to the

general public be recovered through user charges; or where the governing body has decided that periodic

determinations of revenues earned, expenses incurred, and/or net income is appropriate for capital maintenance,

public policy, management control, accountability or other purposes.


Public Utilities Fund (310)

provides for water and sewer operations of the City of Raleigh. This fund is

supported primarily by user charges and customer fees, and provides for all operating costs associated with the

City’s water and sewer systems. The

Utility Infrastructure Funds (311-312), Watershed Protection Fee Fund

(313), Utility Debt Service Fund (315)


Water and Sewer Capital Projects Funds (320 and 325)

account for

capital costs associated with the City’s water and sewer operations.


Solid Waste Services Operating Fund (360)

and the

Solid Waste Debt Service Fund (362)

have been

established to fund the operational and capital needs of the City’s Solid Waste Services Department which oversees the

residential collection, recycling and yard waste programs. The fund is supported by user fees and charges and by a

subsidy from the general fund.


Public Transit Fund (410)

is supported by user charges, federal grant contributions and the City’s General Fund.

Expenditures in this fund support the operation of GoRaleigh and for the City program for disabled residents, GoRaleigh



Parking Facilities Operating Fund (442), Parking Debt Service Fund (444)

and the

Parking Facilities Project

Fund (446)

provide for the operational, maintenance and capital costs for the Municipal, Cabarrus, City Center,

Convention Center and Moore Square parking decks. Cleaning and maintenance costs for the Moore Square Transit

Station and the Downtown Police Substation are also included. These funds are supported by parking deck user fees,

parking violation revenue and interest income.


Stormwater Utility Fund (460)


The Stormwater Utility Capital Project Fund (470)

provide for stormwater

operations in the City of Raleigh. These funds are supported by revenue generated from a stormwater fee charged to

residential and commercial residents of Raleigh.


Raleigh Convention Center and Performing Arts Center Operations Fund (RCCC/PAC) (642)

has been

established to separate the operations of the City’s Convention Center and the Performing Arts Center. The fund is

supported partially by ticket sales, user fees and charges. Operating deficits are supported by an appropriation

from the General Fund.


Convention Center Debt Service Fund (644)

and the

Convention Center Complex Fund (648)

account for

the capital costs at the Convention Center and Performing Arts Center.