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Internal Service Funds

These funds provide a mechanism by which specific operations can be accounted for and charged to departments

on a cost of service basis.


Risk Management Fund (230)

includes all expenditures for the City’s self-supporting workers’ compensation

and property/liability insurance programs. The fund also includes the insurance premiums for other types of

insurance coverage. The primary sources of revenue are the General Fund and Utility Fund.


Health/Dental Trust Fund (240)

includes all expenditures to provide self-supporting health insurance and

dental insurance programs for City employees and retirees. The sources of revenue in this fund include

contributions from the City, contributions from employees, and contributions from retirees.


Governmental Equipment Fund (251)


Enterprise Equipment Funds (252-253)

were established to

reduce spikes in annual operating budgets due to equipment purchase and to finance these items in the most

beneficial way for the City. Costs for the acquisition of equipment and vehicles costing over $10,000 are budgeted

in these funds. The sources of revenue to balance the funds are the sum of departmental equipment use charge



Vehicle Fleet Services Fund (260)

was established to provide a mechanism by which the City’s Vehicle Fleet

Services operation could be reflected in the budget on a full cost basis. Employee salaries and associated

operating and equipment costs are budgeted in this fund. The source of revenue to balance the fund is the sum of

departmental maintenance and operation (M&O) accounts.