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Falls of Neuse small area plan


Amendment Two increased the tax rate in the Hillsborough Street Municipal Service District from the

proposed revenue-neutral rate of 9.44 cents to the FY2016 rate of 15 cents. This tax rate change

increased the estimated FY2017 tax revenue by $224,855 from $387,045 to $611,900. Council allocated

the additional revenue from this change to the Hillsborough Street Community Service Corporation for

increased marking and promotions, increased safety lighting, additional clean and safety ambassador

positions, increased retail attraction activities, and community engagement in conflict resolution.

On behalf of all City staff who contributed to the FY2017 budget process, we greatly appreciate your

questions, feedback, and careful deliberation of these policy and resource allocation decisions. City staff

is already working to implement the policies and programs contained within the Adopted Budget.


Ruffin L. Hall

City Manager