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How the Proposed Budget Implements the Strategic Plan

City Council adopted the Strategic Plan in April 2015. This year’s process was our first full budget

process in which staff could look to the Strategic Plan for priorities and guidance. Below, you will

find how the budget recommendations align with the six Key Focus Areas of the Strategic Plan.

Safe, Vibrant and Healthy Community

The Proposed Budget implements several initiatives aimed at providing citizens with

a safe community and high quality of life.

Building on the work of our Downtown Cleanliness Task Force, the Proposed

Budget funds 15 new positions to focus exclusively on the downtown area. The new “downtown

crew” will provide higher service levels for litter pickup, trash collection, and cleaning of furnishings.

The budget also funds a downtown coordinator position to provide stakeholders with a single point of

contact. We will consolidate the responsibility and accountability for these services in the new

Transportation Department. By having the new crew focus on downtown, the existing Parks

maintenance crew that has serviced the area will have additional capacity to maintain facilities

around downtown and Southeast Raleigh. The annual costs for the downtown crew comes to

$850,000. These costs will be offset by $307,000 in revenue from the downtown municipal service

district, bringing the General Fund net cost to $543,000.

The Proposed Budget invests significantly in public safety. Roughly $1.5 million is budgeted to pilot

test a body-worn camera program in the Raleigh Police Department. The camera program presents

several policy and technology challenges, but strengthens the public’s trust in our law enforcement.

The program will also result in better evidence collection and improved officer training.

To further support our law enforcement’s training needs, the Five-year CIP funds the design and

construction of a new training center for the Police Department. The existing training academy on

Spring Forest Road has served the department well since opening in 1988, but the Police

Department has outgrown the 12,000 square foot facility. The City will construct a larger facility on

the Battlebridge Road property, near the department’s driving and firearms training sites, and

adjacent to the Wake County Law Enforcement Training Center. A modern and expanded facility

improves our ability to prepare and train new police officers before they enter service.

The Proposed Budget enhances our 911 dispatch function with 10 additional call-takers and

additional supervisory staff. Staff are currently moving into the new Central Communications Center

on Raleigh Boulevard, which provides improved space and infrastructure for our emergency dispatch

and emergency management needs.

We will allocate $450,000 to begin a long-term apparatus replacement schedule to modernize our

Fire Department fleet. In FY2017, we will replace two engines and one ladder truck. The Five-year

CIP also funds a replacement for Fire Station 1 and the Fire Department’s administrative offices.

This new facility will move Station 1 out of the Warehouse District, facilitating our economic

development efforts in that area. The new facility will include additional bay space, improved living

quarters for firefighters, and additional administrative space.

To assist socio-economically disadvantaged members of our community, the Proposed Budget

provides $200,000 for a Bill Assistance Program to help eligible citizens with past-due water and

sewer bills. City staff will develop this program in coordination with Wake County.