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Recent Accomplishments

Completed construction of a new women’s restroom in Memorial Auditorium as well as renovated

the old box office and added a satellite location in the main lobby.

The City finished the installation of new direct digital controls in both Fletcher Theatre and

Meymandi Concert Hall at the PAC to give better controllability of the HVAC system.

Continuation of lighting replacement program with LED bulbs as well as upgrading to new LED

fixtures and sensors in various locations of the Convention Center.

VIP restrooms and new office space at Walnut Creek was completed in July 2015.

Work Plan Highlights

PAC interior finish improvements will include replacement of carpet, bathrooms, wall treatments,

drapery, ceiling tiles, painting, new lobby furniture, lighting upgrades, and digital signage. The

interior upgrades are expected to be completed in the fall of 2016.

Electrical upgrades will begin in the coming months on systems in the Raleigh Memorial

Auditorium in which some of the components date back to 1950’s.

In the design phase of updating and improving the Life Safety & Fire Protection System that

services PAC

In the Design phase of rebuilding of the wireless network to continue to be able to attract high

profile technology events to RCC.

In design phase of replacing the security system throughout the Convention Center with more

updated cameras and command station.

In design phase of updating our Building Automation System to integrate with our booking system

to promote a more efficient HVAC scheduling process throughout the RCC.

Operating Impacts

HVAC replacement at the PAC should produce significant savings in energy cost as well as a

reduction in the cost of maintenance as some of the equipment being replaced dates from the


Replacement of old condensing water heaters with 77% efficiency with new On-Demand water

heaters with 98% efficiency that serves all of the Convention Center.

The Convention Center recently replaced the Mercury Vapor lighting in the Exhibit Hall to a more

energy efficient LED that will reduce energy consumption by 318,230 kWh for a 77% energy

saving per hour.

Horizon Items

In the future, the City will consider expansion of the Raleigh Convention Center. A next step,

which has not been initiated, would include evaluating and programming needs. This process

would include stakeholders from the City, tourism industry, downtown businesses, and other