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Program Overview

The Information Technology Fund provides funding for the City’s major technology infrastructure and

major business system projects. The proposed five-year CIP maintains existing systems and invests in

new systems to improve City operations. The CIP also funds debt service on the City’s financial system.

Initiatives currently underway include the additional expansion of the city’s institutional fiber network,

planning for the next phases of the PeopleSoft ERP system and enabling this functionality within the

system, implementation of the land management system and the Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud

Service. These technology initiatives are fundamental in the support of City operations and enhance

productivity and service delivery.

Recent Accomplishments

Implemented Cityworks asset, work order, and service request management for Solid Waste

Services. The collaborative project also included the Public Utilities call center. The call center

now receives calls from citizens regarding Solid Waste Services activities and utilizes Cityworks

for assigning and tracking each request. Cityworks is now deployed in three departments, Parks,

Recreation and Cultural Resources, Transportation, and Solid Waste Services. Public Utilities is

the next department to be implemented.

Completed Land Management assessment with Tyler Technologies to capture and document all

internal process workflows to be configured in the new system. The new system will track and

manage a collaborative multi-departmental land management process. The system will integrate

all land development activities, regardless of their business origination, in a hierarchical,

systematic and rational basis, with GIS-based identification linking all activities. The contract for

the Land Management implementation phase has been executed and will begin soon.

Completed the institutional fiber backbone and connected the new Central Communication

Center, Central Operations Center, Lake Woodard Public Utilities Campus, and downtown City

facilities to a 10-gigabit network. The institutional fiber network will enable additional City facilities

to be connected to a reliable, high-speed, City-owned and controlled network.

Selected Sirius, formerly Varrow, as the implementer for the mobile device management (MDM)

solution. Meetings were held with departments to identify their requirements for mobile device

management and to verify that the solution meets their needs. Implementation is tentatively

planned for the fall of 2016.

Work Plan Highlights

A team has been assembled to select an implementer for Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud

Service through the RFP process. The RFP is scheduled to be submitted in mid-March with the

intent of starting the project in the May–June period.

The Information Technology Department will implement Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange.

Replacing current unsupported Office 2010 and Exchange email service is necessary. This effort

will provide the City with 6,000 user licenses for up to five devices, and cloud-based email

archiving and storage.

Funding for the PeopleSoft Roadmap is an estimate for the next known phases of the PeopleSoft

project plan and roadmap. A key recommendation from the Purchasing study was technology

enhancements to support the supplier, bidding, and contracts business process. As such, the

Finance and Purchasing groups support a budget request to enable functionality in the contracts

management module—PeopleSoft Supplier Contract Management, PeopleSoft Strategic

Sourcing, and the PeopleSoft eSupplier Connection.