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Technology Capital

The Capital Improvement Program is an annual process that takes a five-year view of funding for major

City projects. The Technology Capital portfolio of funded projects adheres to the City’s technology

governance process and reflects the priorities of the organization.

Highlighted Projects

Messaging and Collaboration Platforms $1,375,0000

Microsoft delivers in Office 365 and Exchange in a highly

capable set of offerings that offer a robust email,

calendaring, scheduling, task management, desktop

productivity, telephony, real-time communications, and

collaboration experience. Organizations can substantially

reduce their cost of ownership for communications, reduce

ongoing costs by minimizing the amount of

IT labor required to manage these capabilities and shift

problems to Microsoft’s carrier-grade data center

infrastructure and staff.

Computer Aided Dispatch System Replacement $2,000,000

A replacement Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system will

be utilized by the Raleigh-Wake Emergency

Communications Center to enter 9-1-1 calls for service, track

the dispatch of 9-1-1 calls, and maintain a log of emergency

vehicle locations and assignments. In addition, it provides

hazard information to first responders and serves as a

gateway to a variety of other services essential for first

responder safety. This project will replace the existing CAD

system, which has reached end of life, and adds new

capabilities available with technology advances. The city is

partnering with Wake County on this project and sharing in

the costs of the project equally.

PeopleSoft Roadmap $1,300,000

This project will be for the City to engage a PeopleSoft

vendor to assist with the implementation of the findings of

the 2015 Procurement Study using the existing PeopleSoft

9.2 application. In addition to configuration, the vendor will

support documentation and training on the new functionality

to relevant staff. Work in these areas improves the City’s

ability to manage our vendors/suppliers, to monitor

contracts, and to streamline workflows, items that benefit

general Organizational Excellence.