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City of Raleigh

Financial Section

General Capital Projects Funds

Street Improvement Fund (nonmajor fund)

The Street Improvement Fund accounts for all street improvement programs to be financed

from applicable street assessment proceeds and other non-bond street improvement resources.

Street Bond Fund (nonmajor fund)

The Street Bond Fund accounts for the street construction projects financed from the general

obligation street bond issues.

Sidewalk Fund (nonmajor fund)

The Sidewalk Fund accounts for capital project costs for the construction of sidewalks within

the City.

Park Improvement Fund (nonmajor fund)

The Park Improvement Fund accounts for transfers from the general fund and other revenues

and allocations, and all project costs in the construction of park improvements as well as park

land and greenway acquisition.

Raleigh Union Station Fund (nonmajor fund)

The Raleigh Union Station Fund accounts for capital project costs for construction of the

Raleigh Union Station. This fund is financed by both federal monies from the Federal Railroad

Administration as well as with state match and local funding.

Facility Fees Fund (nonmajor fund)

The Facility Fees Fund accounts for facility fees collected from developers to be expended for

street and park capital purposes within designated zones in the City.

Miscellaneous Capital Improvements Fund (nonmajor fund)

The Miscellaneous Capital Improvements Fund accounts for all capital improvement costs not

applicable to other capital improvement programs. These improvements are financed from

non-bond resources.

Walnut Creek Amphitheater Fund (nonmajor fund)

The Walnut Creek Amphitheater Fund accounts for capital projects costs of the Amphitheater

financed by a portion of the Amphitheater rent.

Technology Capital Projects Fund (nonmajor fund)

The Technology Capital Projects Fund accounts for long-term technology projects as

recommended by the City’s technology governance process. These projects are financed from

general fund resources.

Major Public Facilities Fund (nonmajor fund)

The Major Public Facilities Fund accounts for capital project costs for construction of new public

facilities including remote operations centers for streets, parks, solid waste and public works.

These projects are financed from certificates or participations debt issues.