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City of Raleigh

Statistical Section

Statistical Schedules

This part of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report presents detailed information as a

context for understanding what the information in the financial statements, note disclosures,

and required supplementary information says about the City’s overall financial health.

Financial Trends

These schedules contain trend information to help the reader understand how the City’s financial

performance and well-being have changed over time.

Revenue Capacity

These schedules contain information to help the reader assess the City’s most significant local

revenue source, the property tax.

Debt Capacity

These schedules present information to help the reader assess the affordability of the City’s

current levels of outstanding debt and the City’s ability to issue additional debt in the future.

Demographic and Economic Information

These schedules offer demographic and economic indicators to help the reader understand the

environment within which the City’s financial activities take place.

Operating Information

These schedules contain service and infrastructure data to help the reader understand how the

information in the City’s financial report relates to the services the government provides and

the activities it performs.