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City of Raleigh

Management’s Discussion and Analysis


Revenues for the City’s governmental activities were $482.2 million, while expenses were $376.0 million. The

increase in net position for governmental activities (after transfers out of $51.1 million and the gain on the sale of

property of $7.6 million) was $65.8 million, net of restatements in fiscal year 2015-16.

The reported results for the fiscal year for the governmental activities show that:

• The City received $387.0 million (or 80.3%) in general revenues from taxes and other revenues:

• Property taxes - $227.7 million

• Sales taxes - $88.9 million

• Other taxes - $50.9 million

• General revenues are used to pay for the $280.8million net cost of governmental activities, which represents

the cost of services not covered by program revenues.

• Those who directly benefited from service-fee based programs, such as ones involving parks, recreation

and cultural resources and inspection related fees, paid $43.6 million in charges for those services.

• Other governments and organizations subsidized certain City programs with grants and contributions

totaling $51.6 million.

• Support from various federal and state agencies – $26.1 million

• Interlocal support from Wake County for debt service and other expenses on the convention center -

$25.5 million

• The total cost of all governmental activities this year was $376.0 million. This cost was incurred in order

to provide basic municipal services to the citizens of Raleigh. These services include, but are not limited

to: public safety (police, fire, emergency communication), leisure services (parks, recreation and cultural

resources), public works (street maintenance, transportation), general government (city attorney, finance,

information technology) and others. The City’s four largest governmental programs represent 80.2% of

the total governmental activities:

• Public safety – 41.6%

• Leisure services – 17.8%

• Public works - 15.5%

• Community development – 5.3%

Property tax - $227.7 m

Sales tax - $88.9 m

Other taxes - $50.9 m

Charges for services - $43.6 m

Operating grants and contributions - $39.8 m

Other revenues - $19.5 m

Capital grants and contributions - $11.8 m

Revenues by Source

Governmental Activities - $482.2m

Amount in millions