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Water and sewer operating revenue of $227.0 million reflects an increase of 6.8% from the prior year. The increase

in revenue was largely the result of an increase in fees consistent with financial projection models and approved

rate increases, as well as an increase in infrastructure fees. Operating expenses of $128.7 million increased 4.0%

from 2014-15, which was consistent with expectations.

Convention Center Complex operations, including the Performing Arts venue, delivered $13.8 million of operating

revenues in 2015-16, an increase of 3.8% over 2014-15. This increase was a result of continued positive event revenue

as compared to the prior year. Operating expenses increased 1.1 million over the prior year. Overall, operations

were consistent with expectations.

The parking facilities operations generated $14.9 million of revenues in 2015-16, an increase of 12.9% from 2014-15.

This was driven by an increase in unreserved and reserved parking rates, as well as a flat $5 night and weekend

parking fee that went into effect mid-year. Parking facilities receives a small subsidy from the general fund.

Operating expenses increased 10.3% from the prior year. Parking operations met expectations.

Mass transit operating revenues of $7.1 million reflects a 2.7% decrease from the prior year. Operating expenses

remained relatively flat as compared to prior year. The mass transit operations are subsidized by the general fund

and at the federal and state level through grant funding.

Stormwater management operating revenues of $17.9 million in 2015-16 are 2.3% higher than in the prior year.

Stormwater fees have been positively impacted by continued development and growth throughout the City.

Operating expenses of $13.2million increased8.2% from2014-15. Stormwatermanagement resultsmet expectations.

Solid Waste Services operating revenues of $25.6 million increased 6.2% from the prior year, due to an approved

solid waste collection fee increase for 2015-16 that reduced the subsidy required of the general fund. Solid waste

services operations are partially subsidized by the general fund. Operating expenses increased $3.4 million

compared to 2014-15, which is in line with expectations.

City of Raleigh

Management’s Discussion and Analysis

Amount in millions

Revenues by Source

Business-type Activities -


Charges for services - $308.2 m

Operating grants and contributions - $7.7 m

Capital grants and contributions - $4.8 m

Other revenue - $3.8 m

Expenses and

Program Revenues*

Business-type Activities


Program Revenues













Water and











Solid waste







$16.7 $12.4 $15.0 $13.4 $19.2

$32.3 $26.1


* Program revenues include operating

revenues, grant revenues and capital contributions