Comprehensive Annual Financial Report - Fiscal Year ended 6/30/2017

SCHEDULE OF REVENUES AND EXPENDITURES BUDGET (MODIFIED ACCRUAL BASIS) AND ACTUAL SOLID WASTE SERVICES FUND For the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2017 RECONCILIATION OF MODIFIED ACCRUAL BASIS TO FULL ACCRUAL BASIS: Total current year revenues and other financing sources - modified accrual basis $ 35,279,764 Total current year expenditures and other financing uses - modified accrual basis 33,360,471 Excess of revenues and other financing sources over expenditures and other financing uses 1,919,293 Adjustments to full accrual basis: Amortization of refunding charges (17,614) Amortization of note premiums and discounts 145,771 Bond and note principal payments 1,317,434 Capital outlay 37,941 Depreciation (739,179) Interest expense accrual (1,009) Landfill closure/postclosure liability adjustment 55,342 OPEB expense (105,147) Increase (decrease) in deferred outflows of resources for pensions 2,536,622 (Increase) decrease in deferred inflows of resources for pensions 265,114 Increase in pension liability (3,200,622) Vacation expense 59,277 Change in net position per statement of revenues, expenses, and changes in fund net position $ 2,273,223 City of Raleigh _____________________________________________________________ Financial Section ____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 142 __________________________________________________________