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R A L E I G H P A R K S, R E C R E A T I O N A N D C U L T U R A L R E S O U R C E S


Resources Department does not assume

any responsibility for lost or broken

items. Departmental staff reserves

the right to confiscate any item that

is not appropriate or may be used in

an inappropriate manner while in our

program. Confiscated items will be

returned to the parent/guardian at the

end of the day.

Items that are not appropriate include,

but are not limited to:

Any type of weapon (toy guns, knives,

swords, including anything that can be

used to approximate a weapon by the


Any item that can be used to harass or

intimidate another participant.

Any item that causes disruption to

scheduled activities.

Field Trips

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources

will transport participants offsite in

vehicles provided by or contracted by

the City of Raleigh. If a participant arrives

at the program site after the scheduled

departure for a field trip, it is the respon-

sibility of the parent/guardian to either:

Transport the participant to the field

trip location and sign in the participant

with a program staff member at the

field trip site or

Transport the participant to the

program site after the field trip and

sign in.

Buses will leave the program location at

the advertised scheduled time and will

not be delayed to wait for participants

to arrive at the program site. Participants

cannot be left at a program location

without program staff present. Refunds

will not be awarded if participant misses

a field trip. The Parks, Recreation and

Cultural Resources Department does

not accept responsibility for program

participants until they are signed in with

program staff.

If a parent/guardian needs to pick up

a participant on a field trip, it is the

responsibility of the parent/guardian

to pick up the participant at the field

trip location. Confirmation of the early

release is required prior to participant

being released.


All food brought into any program to

be served to program participants must

be store-bought with labeled ingredient

information. Due to allergy concerns,

homemade food items will not be

accepted into our programs.


Any participant should remain home

from all programs if they have had any of

the following in the past 24 hours:

Contagious conditions (fever of 100

degrees or higher without fever-reducing

medication, diarrhea, vomiting, sore

throat, undiagnosed rash, chicken pox,

pink eye, ringworm, head lice or any

other potentially contagious condition).

Physical injury that does not allow the

participant to safely participate in the


If a participant demonstrates any of the

above while at the program location,

the parent/guardian will have one hour

to pick up the participant. A participant

who becomes sick will be separated

from other participants while the parent/

guardian is called. If the participant is

symptom free after 24 hours or written

documentation has been received from

a doctor stating the participant is not

contagious or can safely participate, the

participant may return to the program.

If you suspect that your participant has

a contagious condition that may be

spread to others, please notify your

program director as soon as possible.

Please do not bring the participant back

to the program until the director has

been contacted.

The above criteria apply to all partic-

ipants, including those with Inclusion

Plans or other accommodations.

Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement weather procedures protect

the safety of all participants and staff

members. Refunds or credits will not be

given for inclement weather. During all

inclement weather events, families regis-

tered for school based programs (After

School X-Press, Before School X-Press

and Track Out X-Press) will be notified

of operational status changes via the

emergency notification system.

Information about operational status is

also available by

Visiting the Parks, Recreation and

Cultural Resources Department web



clicking on “Park Status.”

Calling the Youth Programs Office at


Inclusion Services

Inclusion Services supports access

to typical programs by offering

reasonable and appropriate resources to

participants with disabilities or medical

conditions who register for those


Resources may include: gathering

participant-specific information from

parent/guardian/service provider,

providing supportive materials,

providing program or site-specific

training and providing additional staffing

for the program.

Participants who indicate a disability

or medical condition and request an

accommodation will be contacted by

Inclusion Services for follow-up. Addi-

tional information may be requested for

Inclusion Services to better understand

the participant’s needs.

Participants who indicate a disability or

medical condition and do not request an

accommodation will not be contacted by

Inclusion Services. Participants requiring

a more intensive level of support may

have a personal assistant attend the

program. (Assistants, volunteers, thera-

pists and other providers are required

to complete a background check and

information forms before attending the


To ensure that adequate resources are

in place, registration should be received

at least two weeks prior to the start date

of the program. Please call Inclusion Ser-

vices at 919-996-2147 for more informa-

tion or to request an accommodation.

Late Pick-up

Participants who are picked up after the

program closing time will be charged a

late fee. The fee is as follows:

$5 per family for pick-ups that are up

to 10 minutes late.

2016-2017 School Based Programs Policies