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An additional $1 per family for every

minute beyond 10 minutes late.

Payment is due at the time of late pick-

up. Repeated late pick-ups may lead to

dismissal from the program.

Lost/Stolen Items

The Parks, Recreation and Cultural

Resources Department is not responsible

for any personal items lost or stolen at

our programs.


Movies may be shown to participants in

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources

programs. Before a movie is shown, the

title of the movie will be communicated

to parent/guardians. All movies shown

are rated G or PG.


The Parks, Recreation and Cultural

Resources Department does not

discriminate on the basis of race, color,

national origin, sex, religion, age, sexual

orientation or disability in employment

opportunities or the provision of

services, programs or activities. A

participant alleging discrimination on

the basis of any of the aforementioned

areas may file a complaint with the

director of the Raleigh Parks, Recreation

and Cultural Resources Department or

the Office of Equal Opportunity, U.S.

Department of the Interior, Washington,

D.C. 20240.

Participant Release

The security key tag identification

process is in place to properly identify

individuals who have parent/guardian

permission to sign out a participant from

any program. To receive a security tag,

all persons listed on the participant form

must provide a valid photo ID. A parent/

guardian will not be issued multiple key

tags to be given to other individuals. An

authorized person must be prepared to

show proper identification, such as a key

tag and photo ID, each time a participant

is released. Before the program begins,

parents/guardians should inform staff of

any changes to the pick-up list by calling

the Recreation Business Office at


Any person listed as a parent/guard-

ian on the registration form may add

or remove additional person(s) to the

authorized pick-up list. Parents/guard-

ians should inform anyone picking up

a participant without a key tag that they

will be required to show proper photo



If the required payment is not provided

with the registration forms, the partici-

pant’s registration will not be processed.

We will attempt to notify you by tele-

phone or email, and you will have until

the end of following business day to

remit payment.

Personal Care

The City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation,

and Cultural Resources Department

does not provide personal care for

program participants. Raleigh Parks,

Recreation, and Cultural Resources

staff does not assist in the toileting of

any program participants or help with

dressing participants. The Department

requires that all program participants are

independent for toileting and personal

care in order to participate. Program

Participants must be able to change their

own clothing if soiled. Raleigh Parks,

Recreation, and Cultural Resources staff

is not permitted to change program

participant’s soiled clothing.

If a toileting accident does occur, a

change of clothes must be brought to

the program site or the participant must

be picked up from the program site with-

in one hour of the incident. If toileting

accidents are frequent, participants may

be dismissed from the program.

Photography/Video Waiver

The Parks, Recreation and Cultural

Resources Department may capture

pictures or video clips of program par-

ticipants while involved in its programs.

The department may use these images

for marketing and promotional purpos-

es, staff training and program activities.

Participants’ names will not be published

when photo or video clips are used.

Some program areas are permitted to

have social media sites. These sites are

controlled by departmental staff.

Release and Indemnity


Participating in the selected recreational

programs involves risk of injury. These

risks include inclement weather, acci-

dents while traveling, equipment prob-

lems or failures, contact with and actions

of other participants, slips/trips/falls and

musculoskeletal injuries, among others.

The parent/guardian chooses to allow

participation in the selected programs

despite the risks.

By signing the registration form, the

parent/guardian acknowledges all risks

of injury, illness or death and affirms that

he or she has assumed all responsibil-

ity for any injury, illness or death. The

parent/guardian also agrees on behalf

of himself or herself and the participant

to follow all rules and procedures of the

program and to follow the reasonable

instructions of the teachers and supervi-

sors of the program.

In return for the opportunity to

participate in this program, the parent/

guardian agrees for himself or herself

and for heirs, assigns, executors and

administrators to release, waive and

discharge any legal rights to seek

payment or relief of any kind from

the City of Raleigh, its employees or

its agents for injury, illness or death

resulting from this program.

The person who registers a participant

for a program agrees that he or she

is a parent or a legal guardian or is

otherwise responsible for the participant

whose application is submitted and

releases, waives and discharges any

legal rights that may be asserted on

behalf of the participant’s participation

in the program. The person who

registers a participant also agrees not to

sue the City, its employees or its agents

and agrees to indemnify the City for all

claims, damages, losses or expenses,

including attorney’s fees, if a suit is

filed concerning an injury, illness or

death resulting from participation in the



All refund/withdrawal/transfer/credit

requests received in writing 14 days or

more in advance of the start date of the

program are entitled to:

100% refund/credit/transfer if the

department cancels the program.

100% credit or transfer of fees to

another program at the time of with-


85% refund based on the total cost of



requests received less than 14 days prior

to the start date of the program will not

be granted.

Refunds for medical reasons requested

prior to the start of program will be

granted at 100%, subject to verification.

Outdoor facility usage cancelled due

to inclement weather may be resched-

uled pending space availability.

A credit may be used by any family

member on the same registration


Nonattendance or nonparticipation

in a program does not entitle a

participant to a refund.

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