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R A L E I G H P A R K S, R E C R E A T I O N A N D C U L T U R A L R E S O U R C E S


Sunscreen and Insect Repellent

If needed, apply these products to

participants before they come to the

program each day. Please supply any

sunscreen and/or insect repellent that

the participant may need during any

program. Staff will provide frequent

opportunities for participants to reapply

over the course of the day. Staff or sib-

lings may assist participants in applying

sunscreen only to exposed skin that the

participant cannot reach on their own.

Spray or mist type sunscreen and/or in-

sect repellent are recommended. These

products are not to be shared with other

campers. Participants in Specialized

Recreation Services camps may be as-

sisted to apply sunscreen and/or insect

repellant as provided and directed by

the parent/guardian.

Swimming Information (for

applicable programs)

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources

staff will conduct swim tests for all program

participants and issue lifejackets to

non-swimmers. To swim without a

lifejacket, a swimmer must be able to

swim one length of the pool (approx-

imately 25 yards or 75 feet) on their

front and tread water for 30 seconds.

All non-swimmers will be required to

wear lifejackets. Parent/guardian can

request that staff not allow the partici-

pant to participate in the swim test and

automatically place the participant in a

lifejacket. Staff reserves the right to place

a participant in a lifejacket in the interest

of safety. All participants, regardless of

swimming ability, will wear lifejackets

when participating in water activities,

including swimming, in lakes, rivers or

the ocean.

Voucher Policy

Due to licensing, vouchers are accepted

only for school based programs at Bar-

well Road, Brier Creek and Marsh Creek

(Before School, After School and Track

Out). A completed voucher with proper

information is required to be onsite. For

all voucher and registration questions,

please call 919-996-4800.

Waitlist Notification

If your participant clears the waitlist, you

will be notified by telephone and or

email. You will have until the end of the

following business day to accept and re-

mit payment for the requested program.

Your acceptance must be confirmed

in writing. If notification is not received

within the specified timeframe, you will

forfeit your participant’s placement.

2016-2017 School Based Programs Policies