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Greenway Projects


Miscellaneous Greenway Improvements


Improvements to the existing greenway infrastructure

that will typically include bridges, paving, retaining

structures and signage.

Neighborhood & Community Connections


Bike and pedestrian access improvements to/from

various Greenways & Parks.

Trenton Road

$ 1,000,000

Construction of a multi-purpose path on the west side

of Trenton Road from the Reedy Creek Trail to I-40.

Crabtree Creek Greenway / Lassiter Mill Gap

$ 2,000,000

Development of a continuous greenway trail connection

from Herford Street extending to the east side of

Lassiter Mill Road.

Crabtree Creek Connection to Umstead


Connecting Crabtree Creek Greenway from the

Duraleigh area to Umstead State Park.

Land Acquisition and Development



Land Acquisition


Acquire additional park property based on the

recommendations from the new PRCR System Plan.

Baileywick Community Center


Design and build a new community center at

Baileywick Park.

Sierra / Lineberry Park


Implement the new park master plan.

Capital Blvd Corridor Plan Implementation

(Devereux Meadows Park)


Planning, design and phasing of the implementation

of a new park in the Devereux Meadows area at the

corner of Peace Street and Capital Blvd. Partnership

with City Stormwater, Public Utilities and Transportation


Perry Creek (5401) New Park Development


A new neighborhood park, master plan and phase 1

implementation in partnership with a private developer

and Wake County Public School System.

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