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An outbreak of tornadoes in April 2011 destroyed

landscaping and damaged headstones at three

historic cemeteries. The Historic Cemetery

Advisory Board created the Landscape Committee

to oversee repairs and debris removal. In 2014,

we celebrated restoration of these impor tant

proper ties.

O’Rorke-Catholic Cemetery:

In June 2014,

we unveiled improvements at O’Rorke-Catholic

Cemetery. Along the cemetery’s perimeter,

cyclone fencing and landscaping were removed

and replaced by a decorative black aluminum

fence. Four small flowering trees were planted

along Pender Street. A red oak was planted at

the corner of Tarboro Road and E. Lane Street in

memory of Alpha Howze, a long-time member of

Nor th Central Citizens Advisory Council.

Mount Hope Cemetery:

A tornado damaged 120

headstones and destroyed about 50 trees at

the 142-year-old Mount Hope Cemetery, the final

resting place for many influential Raleigh citizens.

In September 2014, we celebrated the completion

of repairs at Mount Hope, which is still used for


City Cemetery:

In a gathering in October 2014

at City Cemetery, we celebrated an ongoing

par tnership of our depar tment, the Historic

Cemeteries Advisory Board and the affiliated

nonprofit Raleigh City Cemeteries Preservation,

Inc. Some of Raleigh’s founding fathers and

state legislators are buried at the four-acre City

Cemetery, which was established by the N.C.

General Assembly in 1798 and taken over by the

City in 1917.

2014-2015 Annua l Repor t