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We created new oppor tunities for children and

adults to learn about the natural world with the

renovation of the former home of Dr. Annie Louise

Wilkerson into a nature education and research

center. The center features a science lab,

multipurpose room and exhibit area as well as

pedestrian walkways and outdoor teaching space.

The renovation followed environmentally-

responsible standards, and the building will be

submitted for LEED cer tification. Sustainable

features include an advanced water reuse system

in which wastewater is reclaimed and used for

flushing toilets, a solar array, car-charging station

and permeable pavement in the parking area.

The center is located at the Annie Louise

Wilkerson, MD Nature Preserve Park near Falls

Lake. The proper ty was a gift from Dr. Wilkerson,

who stipulated in her will that the land be

maintained as a nature preserve park. Visitors

to the preserve find an oak and hickory forest,

open fields that are maintained as Piedmont

prairie and three farm ponds and

five perennial streams abounding

with aquatic life.


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