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We are making great progress as we carry out

the System Plan, which was adopted in May

2014. Major projects underway include:

Greenway Planning and Design Guide


complete and sets the standard for the

purchase and design of future greenway


• Projects resulting from approval of the


parks bonds


Raleigh Arts Plan

to strengthen ar ts and

cultural offerings throughout the City.

The System Plan recognizes that many people

enjoy our parks, community centers and other

facilities without being par t of an organized

recreational program. Sitting on a park bench,

taking children to a playground or riding a bike

on a greenway trail are the kind of valuable at-will

activities that don’t require programming. We

want to make sure oppor tunities are available

in all par ts of our City for people to take par t in

these unstructured experiences.



Ra l e i gh Parks, Rec r eaton and Cu ltura l Resour ces