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Page Background

With the adoption of Raleigh’s first Ar ts Plan

by City Council in February 2016, we are

moving forward with effor ts to strengthen

the ar ts and culture for all Raleigh


The 10-year “Creative Life” plan grew out

of a process that engaged citizens from

throughout the community. The plan lays out

an ambitious agenda for the future of ar ts

and cultural development in Raleigh, built

upon this vision:

“Raleigh is a community connected through

ar ts and culture, where every person is

empowered to lead the creative life they


The eight goals of the plan reflect this

shared vision:

Goal 1.

Promote an active ar ts and culture

life throughout the community.

Goal 2.

Expand youth ar ts par ticipation.

Goal 3

. Ensure equity, access and inclusion

in all cultural programming.

Goal 4.

Suppor t the work of Raleigh’s

ar tists and ar ts organizations.

Goal 5.

Enhance the vitality of Raleigh’s

neighborhoods and districts

through thoughtful placemaking.

Goal 6.

Enhance ar ts leadership and


Goal 7.

Strengthen marketing, promotion

and valuing of the ar ts.

Goal 8.

Create a system of sustainable

ar ts funding.

The Ar ts Plan embraces a key goal in the

City’s 2015 Strategic Plan: “


Raleigh’s diverse offerings of arts and

cultural resources as iconic celebrations of

our community that provide entertainment,

community, and economic benefit.

” The

Ar ts Plan, along with community input and

research from the planning process, will play

a role in implementing the Strategic Plan.

The Ar ts Plan also advances this statement

in the 2030 Comprehensive Plan: “Raleigh’s

commitment to ar ts and culture is essential

to the health, well-being, and vitality of the

City.” It fur ther reflects a goal in the 2014

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources

System Plan: “The City of Raleigh will be a

national leader in suppor ting the ar ts.”

The plan embraces 63 strategies—some

small and easily achievable, others more

aspirational and less easily attainable.

Taken together, they will fulfill City Council’s

vision of making Raleigh a nationally

recognized leader in ar ts and culture.


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