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Page Background

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources

(PRCR), Finance and the Office of Management

and Budget (OMB) depar tments par tnered for

the first project of this process establishing a

comprehensive user fee policy specifically for

parks, recreation and cultural resource facilities,

programs and services. GreenPlay, a nationally

renowned parks and recreation management firm,

served as the consultant in this effor t. GreenPlay

utilizes an established approach known as the

‘Pyramid Methodology™’ to align fee amounts with

levels of benefit accrual.

The approach challenged PRCR staff to organize

the approximately 12,000 program offerings of

FY15 into like categories of service. Through

a series of facilitated conversations with the

public, the PRCR array of services were placed by

consensus along a spectrum of benefit accrual

(i.e. who receives the benefit from the activity)

with the benefits ranging from a “community

benefit” to a “highly individual benefit” and

gradations in between.

Information gathered from this process was

used to create a User Fee Policy and Financial

Assistance Policy.

2015-2016 Annua l Repor t