Leisure Ledger January - April 2018

37 Leisure Ledger January-April 2018 I parks.raleighnc.gov each day. Child’s age is determined as of August 31, 2017. Greystone Community Center Course Fee: $234 #214440 Apr 2-30 M,W,F 9:15am-12:15pm Course Fee: $234 #214437 Jan 3-31 M,W,F 9:15am-12:15pm Course Fee: $216 #214439 Mar 2-28 M,W,F 9:15am-12:15pm Course Fee: $216 #214438 Feb 2-28 M,W,F 9:15am-12:15pm Storybook Land Adventures Age: 18mths-3yrs. Bring your curious little mind to our Story Book Land Adventures. Each month we will dive into a new classic story and get to know some of our favorite characters. Your little one will learn and socialize in this interactive class that includes art projects, silly songs, movement, musical instruments and lots of fun! Guardian attendance is required! Laurel Hills Community Center – Course Fee: $5 Story Book Land Adventures #215197 Jan 13 Sa 9:15-10:00am #216951 Feb 10 Sa 9:15-10:00am #216954 Mar 10 Sa 9:15-10:00am #216957 Apr 7 Sa 9:15-10:00am Youth Elementary Money Skills Age: 5-9yrs. It’s never too early to begin teaching kids fiscal responsibilities. In an age appropriate and engaging fashion, we will teach your child essential lessons about money. Greystone Community Center – Course Fee: $5 #216694 Jan 24 W 5:00-6:00pm #216695 Feb 8 Th 5:00-6:00pm #216696 Mar 20 T 5:00-6:00pm #216697 Apr 17 T 5:00-6:00pm Homeschool – Community Connections Age: 8-14yrs. Where does my trash go? How do we get water to drink? How many parks and greenways does our city have? What makes our great city the capital of our state? Come join us as we explore these questions and more. Games, crafts and field trips enhance this community connection experience. Class length is six weeks with a makeup class, if needed, added the week following the scheduled end of the session. Instructor: Jessica Marshall. Optimist Community Center – Course Fee: $55 #217154 Jan 16-Feb 20 T 1:00-3:00pm #217155 Mar 6-Apr 10 T 1:00-3:00pm K-8th Grade Tutoring Age: 5-12yrs. Do you need a little extra help with studying, reading, homework, spelling or test and quiz preparation? Join us for tutoring with local college students at Tarboro Road Community Center every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-6:00pm for free! Tarboro Road Community Center #216096 Jan 2-Apr 26 T,Th 3:30-6:00pm Music Classes Age: 5-12yrs. A Musical Adventure: Introduction to Music will allow students to master musical skills and concepts by hands-on participation. Students will perform with instruments such as guitar, violin, piano, cello, harp, drums, flute and voice. The class will foster the ability to read and notate music, develop a listening ear and create compositions that translate thoughts and emotions into musical expression. Biltmore Hills Community Center Introduction to Music Part I – Course Fee: $50 #215786 Jan 9-Feb 20 T 6:30-7:30pm #215787 Jan 9-Feb 20 T 7:30-8:30pm #215788 Jan 10-Feb 21 W 6:30-7:30pm #215789 Jan 10-Feb 21 W 7:30-8:30pm #215790 Mar 7-Apr 18 W 6:30-7:30pm #215791 Mar 7-Apr 18 W 7:30-8:30pm #215793 Mar 6-Apr 17 T 6:30-7:30pm #215794 Mar 6-Apr 17 T 7:30-8:30pm Introduction to Piano for Adults – Course Fee: $60 #215792 Mar 5-26 M 7:00-8:00pm #215795 Jan 8-29 M 6:00-6:30pm #215796 Jan 8-29 M 6:30-7:00pm #215797 Feb 5-26 M 6:00-6:30pm #215798 Feb 5-26 M 6:30-7:00pm #215799 Mar 5-26 M 6:00-6:30pm #215800 Mar 5-26 M 6:30-7:00pm #215801 Apr 2-23 M 6:00-6:30pm #215802 Apr 2-23 M 6:30-7:00pm Preschool Little Learners Preschool Program Age: 3-5yrs. Little Learners, formerly known as Leap into Learning, is an interactive preschool program for ages 3-5. The curriculum includes activities that foster social skills as well as critical and individual thinking. Students will engage in developmentally appropriate educational activities such as arts and crafts, music, imaginative play, group games and stories. Activities will be geared to develop and enhance their social, emotional, fine and gross motor skills. This is the ideal program for your child to learn, grow and make new friends in a fun and safe environment. Our goal is so create an environment that will nurture positive character development and an excitement for learning. Little Learners runs September through April. Participants must be toilet-trained; no diapers or pull-ups. All children will need to bring a snack and drink Educational continued on page 38 —