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City of Raleigh

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources

Vision - Subsystems

The city owns and manages thousands of acres of

parks, natural areas and greenways. These lands and

their corridors provide wildlife habitat, improve water

quality, reduce stormwater runoff, lower surrounding

air temperatures, and provide outdoor recreation and

educational opportunities throughout the city.


Natural Environments

As a major contributor to the sense of community

and quality of life, parks provide residents, workers

and visitors an opportunity to refresh, explore and

play. Parks also contribute significant economic and

environmental benefits to the community. Meeting

local needs through park-based facilities and

programs is the foundation of ‘

bringing people to

parks and parks to people.

Goal 1:

The City of Raleigh will develop high-

quality parks available within walking distance

of homes or places of employment.

Goal 2:

The City of Raleigh will identify and

address needs for high quality parks facilities

and programs.



Goal 1:

The City of Raleigh will continue

to expand residents’ awareness of the

environmental, economic and social benefits of

natural areas.

Goal 2:

The City of Raleigh will continue

to protect, enhance, and expand natural

environment areas.

Goal 3:

The City of Raleigh will balance the

protection of natural environments while

continuing to provide appropriate public access

and use.

Goal 4:

The City of Raleigh will provide

access to outdoor recreation and adventure

opportunities throughout the city.