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Chapter Three


needs and priorities assessment

to determine pricing. Many agencies have developed cost

of service philosophies that establish subsidy levels for

core programs and services. A revenue policy is an area

of consideration for the Department as well as program

template for new program fees. A revenue policy would

provide guidelines for subsidy levels and cost recovery

goals of programs, according to an agency’s philosophical

pricing goals. For the development of new program fees, a

tool to use is a cost services template to determine pricing

and program fees. This tool assists in developing pricing

for new programs.

The City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural

Resources Department has a non-resident pricing policy

which is approved by Council as part of the Fees and

Charges schedule. For any program that is over $12, a

non-resident must pay an additional $12.

The information from the recreation assessments also

indicates the need to strengthen the volunteer program for

recreation. The Department has a volunteer coordinator

responsible for securing volunteers for programs: special

events; coaching sports; Wake County Senior Games;

special recreation (dances); corporate groups, elementary,

middle and high school and non-profit volunteer groups;

City of Oaks Foundation; Adopt-A-Park; Adopt-A-

Greenway; Adopt-A-Mutt Mitt station; Neighorwoods

and senior club volunteers positions. Program and facility

staff are also responsible for seeking out volunteers for

their programs and events. A brand could be developed

for a system-wide program of recruiting, retaining, and

rewarding volunteers through recognition. Volunteer

opportunities can be more prominently mentioned on the

website and program guide. Dedicating staff time toward

volunteer recruitment for the Department as a whole is an

important area to grow.

Developing partnerships can be key to help fund

and administer quality programs and services. The

Department currently has an extensive list of partners.

This list includes community groups such as: Rotary of

Crabtree and the Chamber of Commerce; Wake County

School System; various ethnic groups such as the Asian

Focus and the African-American Museum; religious

affiliations; and members of the medical community such

as Advocate of Health and Action and the Wake Medical

Hospital. It is significant the Department has partnerships

that reflect well on the city’s cultural diversity.

It is clear the Department has been able to develop

quality relationships throughout the community. Staff

can continue to create new and innovative programs/

services as well as search out complementary partners

if not currently available. This will be explored further

in the Vision and Implementation chapters of this

report. Currently, the Department reviews existing

partnerships on an annual basis or upon renewal of the

agreement. In addition, it may be helpful to develop a

partner satisfaction measurement system to ensure good

partnership relationships.

The City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural

Resources Department has several competitors (similar

providers) within 30 minutes of any one center, based on

the information fromthe 15 centers involved in completing

the program assessment sheets. This competition can

come from other public agencies such as schools and

libraries, non-profits such as YMCAs and other recreation

agencies, and private facilities. These competitors may

change over time (common in the private sector) but they

will never go away. For some programs/services the city

will be competing for similar users. In others, the demand

for the program or service is high, and there is opportunity

for many providers of services in the marketplace. In both

instances it is important to know who the target user is

and to provide the highest quality and value of service

to that type of user. The survey results showed a prime

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