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Neuse River Trail Bridge

Example of a QR Code being used for information on a fitness trail, San Diego, CA.

Objective 3A:

Update Capital Area Greenway system

design guidelines for new and renovated greenway trails to

provide better safety, comfort, convenience, maintenance

and amenities for users, and a consistent identity across the

entire system.

Objective 3B:

Promote the Capital Area Greenway

system trails as safe, healthy and sustainable travel


Objective 3C:

Enhance and implement maintenance

standards for existing greenway trails to ensure safe and

comfortable travel by users and to achieve sustainable


Objective 3D:

Develop Capital Area Greenway

Programming Plan.

Objective 3E:

Implement the Raleigh Greenways

Master Sign Program throughout the system and improve

to include wayfinding with comprehensive directions

to and from the Capital Area Greenway system, nearby

destination information, orientation indicators, and route

options within the system by utilizing traditional and

advanced technology-based methods.

The City of Raleigh will enhance existing

greenway trails to provide a high quality system

consistent with trail user needs and priorities.


Capital Area Greenway example